Pineapple Cocktail Stirrer

Pineapple Cocktail Stirrer

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Make sure you have the right tools to finish off your cocktails with elegance and style. The copper bar spoon is perfect for mixing your concoction to achieve the ideal temperature and dilution.


Use our pineapple cocktail stirrer to achieve mixology perfection. There’s more to stirring a cocktail than you might think. And there’s a technique to go with it… When preparing our drink in a shaker or mixing beaker with ice, insert the spoon only 3-5cm under the liquid or ice level. Keep the back of the spoon against the edge of the mixing vessel and move the cocktail stirrer around the edge. Holding the bar spoon near the top and rolling the spiral handle between your fingers should enable a smooth stir (this may take some practice!). Stirring for 30-45 seconds should deliver your drink at its ideal temperature and dilution. CLINQ’s copper pineapple cocktail stirrer is 30cm long and is shipped in a black sleeve

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